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Online Tools

Having online tools allows you to share your story and search for a donor far and wide! Posting to your Facebook account will allow you to not only reach out to people you know, but those people can share and your story will continue to spread! We will provide you with your own web page as well as formatted images to share online!

Online Tools

Printed Media

Get the Word out Locally

Printed Media

You are likely registered at a transplant center near you so spreading the word locally to find a donor in your area is important. We create personalized flyers with the address to your web page as well as a QR code so people can contact us about donating online.

How this works

Once your web page and flyers have been created, we will email you with the link to your web page as well as links that will let you download instructions, your flyers and social media images.

You can start sharing your web page online immediately.

You can print the flyers out yourself, upload them to an online printing company, or if you would like, we can place the printing order for you and it will be delivered to your house.

How It Works

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Waiting for a Donor?

We know it can feel like you are in an impossible situation and we want to help! Check out all of our free tools and submit your information so we can support you in finding a donor.



Curious about what it means to be a living donor?

Maybe it’s something you have thought about for years or maybe this is your first time learning about living organ donation.  We are here to support you as you consider your options and if you decide to becoming a potential living donor, we will help you find your match!



Download the Activate App

The Activate App is Donate Life Hollywood’s tool to engage you and hold the entertainment industry accountable for donation and transplant storylines. Help Hollywood save lives.


Casting Transplant Pair on The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race wants to feature the transplant and organ donation community is their upcoming season! If you are a recipient, living donor, or family member of an organ donor, they would love to hear from you! If you are interested, check out the details and fill out the form.  Deadline is approaching quickly!


FOX’s The Resident PSA

Show FOX you support the addition of a PSA to the end of their season 3 premiere this fall to educate the public about the realities of organ transplant and living organ donation.  All you need to do is sign to show your support.  Want to help spread the word?  We have tools for that too!