New site allows for potential living donors to connect with those in need.

September 30, 2018.  Prospective living organ donor realizes the need to help those awaiting organ transplant connect with would be living donors.  This new site could help remove more people from the transplant wait list.

Living Donor Match, an online match making site for living donors and their recipients, was created after creator and potential living organ donor realized the many hurdles those waiting for transplants faced.

“The majority of transplant centers in the United States don’t allow for altruistic liver donation.  This means that many people die waiting for a transplant because they don’t have a personal relationship with a prospective living donor.  The mission of the site is to help connect these people, so they can build that relationship and recipients can get the lifesaving donation they need,” explains site creator, Julie Daquelente.

The need for this site was realized after Daquelente embarked on the journey of becoming a living organ donor.  After having multiple transplant centers turn her away because they do not participate in altruistic liver donation, she turned to social media and subsequently met her prospective recipient.

Living Donor Match is a site that allows for prospective living donors to connect with those currently awaiting organ transplant.  While this will remain the primary purpose of the site, it is committed to becoming a source of information about living donor transplants and a supportive environment for those going through the process. Visit the website at https://livingdonormatch.org.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Julie Daquelente at 360.362.5110 or email Julie@livingdonormatch.org.

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