Campaign: PSA Request for The Resident on FOX

We are in the process of reaching out to FOX to request consideration for the addition of a PSA to the season 3 premiere of their show The Resident.  If you are unfamiliar with the television program, you can learn more about it HERE and you can read the season 2 story line HERE.

We would love to be able to show that we have support from both the transplant community as well as the general public and would greatly appreciate it if you would add your signature to the letter of support below. 

Living Donor PSA on The Resident

As someone who has been impacted by organ donation and transplantation, I want to thank you for being receptive to the possibility of partnering with the transplant community in order educate the public about this important topic.

Your current story line provides both a perfect opportunity to invite people to register as organ donors as well as provide real-life statistics about those awaiting transplant and the opportunity to be a potential living donor. If more people realized the options available, families wouldn't have to endure the helplessness and desperation that your characters went through at the end of Season 2.

I think seeing a hit prime-time show, such as The Resident, use its story line to educate the public about this topic would create a powerful message to the entertainment industry and ultimately, save lives.

Looking forward to September 24th and the Season 3 premiere!

Suggested action items with support from Donate Life Hollywood and Living Donor Match:

  1. Add a PSA to the end of the Season 3 premiere of The Resident
  2. Utilize a customized donation sign-up page for The Resident so you can measure your impact!
  3. Tweet during the Season 3 premiere promoting your landing page and organ donation
  4. Create opportunities to promote organ donation throughout the year

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This campaign was created as a partnership between Living Donor Match and Donate Life Hollywood. (https://livingdonormatch.org | https://www.onelegacy.org/dlh)
378 signatures = 76% of goal

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Other Ways you Can Help

Time Commitment: less than 2 minutes

Ask five friends to sign (or more!). Just copy and paste the following into your Facebook messenger >>>

Will you sign this for me please? https://livingdonormatch.org/fox-the-resident/

They will likely reply "sure"! When they do, consider asking them to ask five of their friends to sign.

Time Commitment: 30-60 minutes

You can print out flyers and put them in your local coffee shops and anywhere else that has a bulletin board around town. We created both a black and white version and a color version, so print out whichever works best for you!

Click on the links below to download.

Black and White Flyer | Color Flyer

Time Commitment: less than a minute!

For every $10 we raise, we will be able to run promotional ads across social media platforms to get more eyes on the campaign, more tweets to FOXtv, and more signatures of support!  Consider making a donation to The Resident PSA campaign.

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FOX’s The Resident PSA

Show FOX you support the addition of a PSA to the end of their season 3 premiere this fall to educate the public about the realities of organ transplant and living organ donation.  All you need to do is sign to show your support.  Want to help spread the word?  We have tools for that too!