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Blood Type O

University of Maryland Hospital

Donna Gale’s Story

After feeling sick with a number of symptoms, a known family history of aortic aneurysms, and a serendipitous fall, Donna Gale went to her doctor and was adamant that they do tests to make sure she did not have an aortic aneurysm like her father and oldest brother. The doctor scheduled her for an ultrasound of her abdominal organs and it was then that they found the mass on her liver.

In September 2018, Donna Gale was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer. Luckily, further tests showed that the cancer had not spread beyond there and they went to work with chemo and radiation to shrink the tumor so that she would then be eligible for a life saving liver transplant.

Living Donor Process

Blood Type O

In order to be a candidate you need to have blood type O.


You need to be in relatively good health with a BMI under 30.

Age Requirements

You must be between the ages of 18 and 55 years-old.


You must be able to donate at the University of Maryland Hospital.

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A Note from our Founder

Living Donor Match came to be in 2018 after I started doing research to learn more about living organ donation with the intention of becoming a living liver donor. As I reached out to different hospitals and transplant centers I became aware of the fact that not all of them allow for altruistic living liver donations.

And that made me think. What if I was the one who needed a life saving liver donation and there was someone out there who wanted to help, but it couldn’t happen because we weren’t family or close friends? That did not sit well, to say the least.

After being told by two different transplant centers that they do not do altruistic liver donations, I got frustrated and turned to social media. I didn’t really have an outcome in mind, but mainly just wanted to get further education by joining some living donor support groups. I found a few that I joined and I posted my frustration in the hopes of getting feedback in an effort to understand the system.

What I got were faces to put with individuals’ stories of people who were fighting for their lives and hoping and praying that they would receive a transplant before it was too late. One such person was Bobby’s mom who told me about her adult son’s liver failure and lung issues due to a genetic disorder that they didn’t even know existed. This conversation then led to a visit to New York Presbyterian and liver donation on December 11, 2018.

As I went through the process to see if I would be a candidate to donate to Bobby, I kept thinking about all of those other people I had met… their faces… their stories and wished I could do something. Since I couldn’t donate to them all, I started Living Donor Match in an attempt to help them connect with that person out there who would want to donate – to help make that life saving connection.

Everything done by Living Donor Match is supported by donations. I never want to add an additional barrier to those who are waiting for their donor or to those who want to step up and save a life. I’m excited to announce that we are currently in the process of becoming a 501c3 and that you will now be able to claim your donations as a tax deduction.  Your financial support goes toward creating pages like this one, educational resources, and spreading the Living Donor Match mission: making connections that save lives.

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Casting Transplant Pair on The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race wants to feature the transplant and organ donation community is their upcoming season! If you are a recipient, living donor, or family member of an organ donor, they would love to hear from you! If you are interested, check out the details and fill out the form.  Deadline is approaching quickly!


FOX’s The Resident PSA

Show FOX you support the addition of a PSA to the end of their season 3 premiere this fall to educate the public about the realities of organ transplant and living organ donation.  All you need to do is sign to show your support.  Want to help spread the word?  We have tools for that too!