Thousands are put on the transplant list each year and many die before they find a donor.

We’re here to help connect potential living donors to those waiting on a lifesaving transplant.

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You Have the Power to Save a Life and Change Someone’s Story

As a healthy person, you might not even be aware of the thousands of people who are just struggling to make it from day to day while they wait for the call that an organ has become available… the spouses and parents that are taking care of them and feel helpless because they can’t fix it… the kids that know that their Mom or Dad may not make it another year, month, or week.  Unfortunately, this is a reality for thousands of people.

The good news is that with living organ donors, these people not only have a second chance at life, but their best chance. If you have felt like you might want to consider becoming a living donor or you feel a strong pull to do something different… something meaningful… something amazing, then please take a look around and learn what Living Donor Match is all about.

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Living Donor Hospital Packing List

Living Donor Hospital Packing List

The following is a list of items that I either took to the hospital with me (or really wish I had while in the hospital). As a woman, I tried to include similar items if necessary for you guys out there, but of course can't speak from experience!   Clothing (Trust me,...

The Story of the Starfish

The Story of the Starfish

If you haven't ever gone through the process of being tested as a donor, you might not realize what all goes into it. I spent two days in NYC getting blood drawn, scans run, and poked and prodded both physically and mentally. It is recommended that you bring your...

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Being a living liver donor for a stranger was absolutely the most amazing and rewarding thing I’ve ever had the opportunity to do! I truly believe it was life changing for everyone involved. There’s no question that I would do it all over again in a second.

- Julie D.

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FOX's The Resident PSA

Show FOX you support the addition of a PSA to the end of their season 3 premiere this fall to educate the public about the realities of organ transplant and living organ donation.  All you need to do is sign to show your support.  Want to help spread the word?  We have tools for that too!